Right next to the beach in Las Peñitas, the ecotouristic project Palo de Oro is running the wildlife refuge of the Island Juan Venado. Their aim is to preserve biodiversity and encourage the development of the community.

You can take a tour, or take a walk along the paths of the island to get to know its rich flora and fauna. You find more than 163 species of birds, reptiles, racoons, iguanas and lizards. Depending on the season, you are also able to witness the setting free and run towards the beach of the baby turtles.






Nicaragua is the country of lakes and volcanos different in size, dimensions and characteristics. Thanks to expert guides you can enjoy their spectacular views, see lava bubble out of a crater or slide down on a board the side of the Cerro Negro. Come and experience!



Just walk with your feet on the sand in one of the best place in the world to see a wonderful sunset, come visit this fishermen village, Las Peñitas, the natural reserve Juan Venado Island, the mangrove jungle, the next village Poneloya and Los Braziles!



Discover one of the most interesting cultural spots in Nicaragua: universities, museums, legends, poetry and music charaterize this beautiful central american town.